Our Values


We inspire and nurture young talent to reach the world stage.


With over 15 year of experience in the music industry, our expertise include: Music producing and directing; vocal arranging and workshops; live and studio session work.

Skills Exchange

We believe in sharing with the younger generation as a way of contributing to the growth of our industry

Premium Customer Care

Our clients deserve nothing but the best of what they pay for and this informs the ethical conduct of our services and relationships with them.


Drum kit Lessons

Practical 50 minute lessons, once a week that are uniquely crafted to develop you into a seasoned session musician

Piano Lessons

Practical 50 minute lessons once a week that are designed to inspire you to grow and create your own sound

Music Production

Our facilities provide you with the best music production tools live in studio recordings and programmed music as well.

Voice overs & Jingles

We produce and record great quality commercial ads and jingles for radio and podcast projects


We attend to your projects with some of the world’s most respected audio compression, equalisation, spacial and time-based effects.

Recording Sessions

We provide multi-track recording services using the world-renowned microphone preamps found in the Midas Pro-series consoles

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